ek is groen van jaloesie

i wished i thought of this before this amazing artist/illustrator/embroider. for more beautiful pieces to feel jealous about 
look at her instagram account.


for LOL~day

i decided to make a new label to celebrate creatives that made me laugh. who does not need a laugh every now and then? blue q is the perfect place to go to for a giggle when you need it. they have never let me down over the years. go and visit their website for loads more fun stuff.


deur die jare het ek gereeld na blue q se webwerf gegaan wanneer my gemoed bietjie swaar raak. hulle humor laat my altyd uitbars van die lag. gaan kyk vir jouself wanneer die wêreld bietjie hard druk. die link is in ligte grys hierbo.


yay, it's eye candy day

i had a very busy year so far. let's hope that i can get to my own creative work to show you guys more regularly. but for now i'm drooling over other peoples work. i just love these illustrations done by sally nixon. a peek into the every day life of these ladies are strangely comforting. she also has a cool instagram account to follow.

my jaar so ver is mal. ek sukkel om by my eie kreatiewe werk uit te kom. so vir nou drool ek oor ander mense se werk. kyk bietjie na sally nixon so pragtige tekeninge. sy het ook 'n instagram blad om the volg.


these bags are just the thing for eye candy day

i just had to share grav-grav's handbags and clutches with you. she have a few collections, bit the cross stitched wooden bags are my favourite.


ek is so verlief op hierdie handsakke van grav-grav. sy het 'n paar reekse, maar die een is my gunsteling reeks.


blink swart

many moons ago i found this ring in an antique store in long street {cape town}. i fell in love with it. the problem was that the lady in the store replace the old stone with an ugly shiny blue glass stone and i did not wear it very often because i did not like the glitzy stone.
i replace the stone with this lovely plain black one so that the art deco design can stand out more. thanks to the team at swish diamonds & custom designs i love my "new old" ring so much i am wearing it every day!

ek vrek oor swart en ougoed, soos julle kan sien daar op my fotos hierbo. die storie agter daardie ring werk so: 'n paar jaar gelede het ek op die ring in 'n antieke winkeltjie in langstraat {kaapstad} afgekom. die oorspronklike steen was verlore en die tannie het 'n vreeslike blink blou glas steen in sy plek gesit. wel, ek het verlief op die ring, minus die lelike blink glas steen, geraak en dit gekoop.
so 'n paar jaar later besluit ek toe om die steen te vervang met 'n swart steen sodat die pragtige art deco ontwerp van dit kan uitstaan. 
baie dankie aan die span by swish diamonds & custom designs, dat hulle my gehelp het om die steen te vervang. 
nou dra ek die ring elke dag.


for anthea

 copyright of tjou-tjou, all rights reserved by henriette rademan

my tjou-tjou bags with a touch of neon are still popular, just finished this order for anthea.


ek so bly dat ek nog bestellings vir my neon sakke kry. hierdie een is vir anthea.

if you missed it