my wish

when i drive home in the afternoons, i drive through the beautiful boland in the western cape (south africa) and always wish that a designer could make a plan with the ugly electrical towers that ruins our landscape. my wish is answered by choi + shine architects. now, can our world actually use it! found this link on design is a good idea.

middae na werk ry ek huis toe deur ons pragtige bolandstreek. wanneer my oog ons lelike elektriese torings vang, wens ek altyd dat 'n ontwerper een of ander tyd 'n plan sal maak met daardie landskap-oogsere. my wens is beantwoord deur choi + shine architects. ek het hierdie inspireerende link op design is a good idea gevind.


Heloise said...

I love this idea.

henriette said...

ai. sal die wereld nie beter lyk nie, sug.

Penny said...

love this!!! i've always thought that the electrical towers looked liked big dresses, and always remember looking out for them through the car window, esp. going to and from somerset west! wonderful design!

henriette said...

hello penny. lovely to hear from you. i remember watching them through the car window as a child driving for 11hours from Upington to Arnistion for the summer holiday;>

if you missed it