and the exquisite bunny corpse

...is born! 
inspired by the dada movement's 'exquisite corpse' we've decided that with our small hands, we will make a big difference by collectively designing and making 6 designer bunny toys. we'll put together various templates of basic bunnies and then send them through the group, everyone who wants to play can then add a personal little touch to the bunnies making use of their particular skills/talents. once they're finished we'll sell them and use the money to support a baby/kid related charity,
by buying them whatever is on their wishlist.

so if this inspires you, then come and play with us...

tjou-tjou is in, i wanna play tooooo.
to find out more about sweet&soutie's cool ideas go here.

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Ilana Loubser said...

Julle idees is super oulik!

if you missed it