jan pierewiet, jan pierewiet, jan pierewiet staan stil

it's now official, tjou-tjou and design kist are collaborating. here are my jan pierewiet designs translated into surface design. my jan pierewiet designs are on sale as wall paper as well as beautiful material. design kist have an online shop and a facebook page if you want to cover your interiors with my jan pierewiet surface designs.
i'm proud to announce that tjou-tjou's jan pierewiet designs will be part of design kist's new range launching at the design indaba expo 2012.

the idea behind my designs:
jan pierewiet is the name of a south african afrikaans folk song as well as a local name
for a bokmakierie shrike, an indigenous bird. i grew up with my dad whistling the song
all the time. once you start to sing jan pierewiet, the catchy tune goes around and around
in your head.


ek is so opgewonde om aan te kondig dat tjou-tjou saam met design kist, my jan pierewiet ontwerpe nou as muurpapier en materiaal verkoop. hulle gaan beskikbaar wees by die design indaba expo 2012. die ontwerpe is ook te koop op design kist se online shop
gaan kyk gerus ook na design kist se facebook page vir meer inligting.


Ilana Loubser said...

Stunning! :-)

Leila said...

That is fantastic! Congrats:-)

tjou-tjou said...

} dankie bokkies.

if you missed it