let's talk about 'bont'

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'bont' is one of those stunning afrikaans words that just do not translate well into english. yes, it means multicolored, but the 'unplanned' or natural flow of putting colour together. 'bont' also describe the unexpected coming together of things/people/shapes and sizes,
and so much more...
   i made a 'jana's beanie' out of all the leftover wool i had from the brightly coloured christmas presents i made for my sisters' children. for a designer this is quite liberating
to just put together bright colours without thinking.


dit was sommer heerlik om hierdie 'jana's beanie' vir my dogtertjie te hekel. ek het al die oortollige wol van my 'kersfees-projek' bymakaargeskraap en net gehekel, sonder om the beplan watter kleure pas. as 'n 'designer' is dit ongelooflik bevrydend om net kleur bymekaar te gooi.

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