meisie muis

my oldest daughter's choice of a new doll was a 'girly-mouse'. the body was crocheted and the arms, legs, ears and dress were made from left over fabric. the fabric was donated by my sister and a friend. the grey fabric came from an old t-shirt of my husband. the whole mouse was made by hand, stitch by stitch.
... i never thought that i would love making dolls, but here you go another surprise that came with the joys of motherhood.


my oudeste meisiekind se keuse vir 'n hekel-pop, is 'n 'meisie-muis'. die lyfie is gehekel en die arms, bene, ore en rokkie is gemaak uit oorskietmateriaal, geskenk deur my suster en vriendin. die grys materiaal is oorblyfsels van 'n ou t-shirt van my man.


Jesse said...

Pragtig! Die pienk ore lyk soos 'n groot strik!

tjou-tjou said...

} dankie jessie. die pop was nogal 'n uitdaging :)

if you missed it